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Why does my XRP withdrawal fail?
Last Updated 17 days ago

There are two main reasons why your withdrawal may have failed - you use an exchange and require a destination tag, or your XRP address is unfunded.

Your address is hosted on an exchange

If you store your XRP on an exchange (e.g. Bittrex) you may require a 'destination tag'. Currently allows you to enter a destination tag when withdrawing. Unfortunately this allows other users to withdraw your balance to their exchange account by specifying their destination tag. This feature will be discontinued from the 1st of December 2017.

To ensure that only you can access your faucet balance, when making a claim, include your destination tag in your address in the following format:


e.g. rCoinaUERUrXb1aA7dJu8qRcmvPNiKS3d-12345678

From the 1st of December 2017, combining your destination tag with your XRP address will be required for all addresses requiring a destination tag.

Withdrawals to these addresses, where no destination tag has been included, will fail and will not be refunded!

Alternatively use an exchange (e.g. Poloniex) that provides users with a unique XRP address or download the Rippex Wallet to create your own personal XRP address.

Your address is unfunded

XRP addresses require a minimum of 20XRP to be valid. This is a requirement of the Ripple system - there is nothing we can do to change this. In the future, this minimum limit may be decreased by Ripple. This is entirely up to Ripple and is outside of our control.

Withdrawals to a XRP address containing less than 20XRP will always fail.

If your XRP address contains less than 20XRP - don't worry! You can still claim from the faucet, but you will have to build up a big enough balance to cover the 20XRP requirement. for example, if your XRP address has 0 XRP you will have to wait until your faucet balance is 20XRP before you can withdraw. If your address has a balance of 5 XRP you will have wait until your faucet balance is 15XRP before you can withdraw, and so on.

This does not apply to exchanges that use a single address combined with a destination tag (e.g. Bittrex)

If you do make a withdrawal and it fails due to your address being unfunded your withdrawal will be refunded :)

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