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My XRP withdrawal is complete but I have not received it?
Last Updated 17 days ago

There are a number of reasons why this might have happened.

The most likely reason you have not received a withdrawal is that you are using an exchange that requires a destination tag to be specified for deposits. This is because they use a single XRP address for multiple users and determine individual users via the unique destination tag value.

Some of these exchanges will still accept deposits without a destination tag specified but without the destination tag, the user cannot be identified, and so the exchange cannot credit your account.

In these cases, your withdrawal will still succeed but as the exchange will not refund the XLM, we also cannot refund your withdrawal.

If you use an exchange that requires a destination tag to be specified for deposits, make sure you include this destination tag in your claim address in the following format:


e.g. rCoinaUERUrXb1aA7dJu8qRcmvPNiKS3d-12345678

To avoid this you have several options:
  • use a desktop Ripple Wallet such as Rippex
  • use an exchange which provides you with a unique XLM address
  • or if required by your exchange, always specify your unique memo as part of your claim address

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