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Why can't I use my ad blocker?
Last Updated 17 days ago

We hear you, the ads suck.

However, advertising provides 100% of the funds required to make payouts to users, as well as cover the significant monthly hosting costs.

Without advertising our faucets would not exist, full stop.

Since Google banned faucet sites such as this from their advertising network, we have been forced to use bitcoin advertising networks. These networks are low paying (hence the number of individual ads and range of networks used) and do not payout on a per click basis, but rather per unique user. This means you can click every ad on the page - but we won't get paid any more for it.

People who have been using AdBlocker or similar anti-ad software have been effectively free-loaders, by making claims while not contributing anything to the upkeep of the faucets. This serves only to reduce the amount available to be claimed - which affects all users.

We appreciate the reasoning behind using ad blockers, and we hope you will appreciate the reasoning behind why we need you to disable them in exchange for use of the website. We ask you to respect our choice to request that users disable ad blocking software.

If you feel that this is too much to ask, you are free to discontinue use of our faucets.

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